Your mission

A blizzard has hit Snowpack Park and scattered the colony of penguins that live there. Your job is to bring the colony back together and keep the penguins happy. This is not an easy task, as you'll face obstacles like piles of snow, angry seals, runaway penguins, and more. With the help of one odd-looking penguin, you will be capable of accomplishing your mission.

Collecting Penguins

In order to reunite the penguins of Snowpack Park, you'll have to explore a series of islands to find them. Using balloons to float from location to location, gather the penguins you find and bring them back to Snowpack Park. As you collect more penguins, you'll be able to break down barriers within the park in order to find more activities and travel to more places.

Caring for Penguins

One of your most important responsibilites at Snowpack Park is caring for the penguins. Luckily, Sam the Penguin is around to teach you everything you need to know about taking care of the penguins and keeping them happy. When a penguin is in a good mood, it will follow you around, participating in various activities and helping you when you need assistance. Make the penguins happy by feeding, petting, and even greeting them. If they don't get enough attention, their mood may become poor and they may leave Snowpack Park.

Friendship Points

Interacting with penguins will earn you friendship points. These points can be used to travel to other locations and to play Whirl to Win. Your friendship points will be tallied at the end of each in-game day.