Interacting with Penguins

There are many different ways to interact with the penguins of Snowpack Park. First, you'll need to know what mood each penguin is in. If a penguin is in a bad mood, it won't follow you or participate in the minigames you play.

Penguin Moods

You can read a penguin's mood by aiming the pointer of your Wii Remote™ controller at it. Moods range from loyal to hesitant to skittish. Make sure you check a penguin's mood before you approach, or you could find yourself face to face with a combative penguin!

Holding the Penguins

You can stand next to a penguin and use the Wii Remote™ to hold it or pick it up and hoist it above your head. This will be helpful when playing certain minigames and collecting penguins. You can carry one penguin at time.

Feeding the Penguin

Throughout the game, you can go fishing in order to find snacks for the penguins. Use tools to find good fishing spots. If you're lucky, you'll catch some Chowfish—the penguins' favorite. Feeding the penguins may improve their moods.

Petting the Penguins

While holding the penguin in place, use the hand cursor to start petting the penguin. If you do a good job, the blue line around the penguin will turn to pink. Petting a penguin may improve its mood.

Greeting the Penguins

You can also improve a penguin's mood by greeting it. A penguin will sometimes make sounds and stretch out its neck. Press the Z Button on the Nunchuk™ controller at just the right time to mimic this greeting. You can even greet a big group of penguins all at once. Greet them successfully, and their moods can improve.