Activities & Minigames

You can also interact with the penguins of Snowpack Park by participating in activities and playing minigames. As you progress, the number of things to do and areas to visit within the park will increase.


Using the fish sticks, you can look for good spots around the park to fish for Chowfish whenever you run low. There are also areas where you can sit on a log and fish for Tuna, Blowfish, and more. Cast your line and wait... When the float disappears under the water, you'll know you've caught something!

Searching for Penguins

While walking around the park, you may come across balloons with a penguin icon on them. Use these balloons to travel to different locations and collect penguins to bring back to Snowpack Park. Collect as many as you can within the set time limit in each area.

Researching Penguins

If you hoist up a penguin and stand on top of the four machines next to your tent or set the penguin down on the machines, you will be able to learn the penguin's weight, height, gender, and name. Get to know the penguins!

Using Items

Throughout Snowpack Park are items you can pick up to use for various purposes. The fish sticks will help you locate Chowfish under the ice, blowfish can be rolled up into snowballs that will destroy obstacles, and golden penguin statues are used to keep penguins gathered safely in one place.

You may also find various types of headwear for the penguins, such as hats, masks, and more. Collect as many as you can and place them on the penguins' heads to help you tell them apart.


There are various fun minigames you can play around the park, such as Free-Throw Follies, Blowfish Bowling, and Chuck-a-Chowfish. There are also several minigames you can unlock by tracking down keys to igloos located throughout the park.