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Freedom Wings

It was the age of aircraft. Due to the necessity of travel between the great many islands of the South Sea, aircrafts were the main choice of transportation. Some flew for adventure...Some flew for wealth...For whatever the reason many took to the air.

And there were those that used aircraft to prey upon them...

The government had to put a stop to these evil pirates. They selected the world's top pilots and set up the Air Patrol Association (A.P.A) in hopes of making the skies safe once again.


• Innovative combat system – beginning players can use AI COMBAT where the system will help lock on and fly the various planes or experienced players can use the MANUAL COMBAT where they control all the action!
• Use the Touch Screen to control your plane, lock-on to various enemies or plan your flight path!
• An assortment of aircraft to purchase!
• Upgrade your plane with new parts and weapons!
• Tons of missions and submissions to complete!
• Up to 4 players can play in the ultimate dog-fight!


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