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Let's Yoga

Let’s Yoga is a full-scale instructional game for the Nintendo DS that helps you take advantage of yoga in your everyday routine. Learn how to perform poses and breathing techniques to improve your mood, deal with everyday stress, and enjoy your life more. With detailed and easy-to-understand instructions and videos for up to 80 poses, including many you can do at your desk, Let’s Yoga is truly a portable and effective fitness solution!

  • Learn up to 80 different poses, including 20 you can do while sitting at your desk at work.
  • Choose from three different avatars, up to 100 unique costumes, five different mats, and seven colorful environments.
  • Choose preset programs that match common daily symptoms like “Stress Relief.”
  • Learn proper breathing techniques and timing in coordination with yoga movements to maximize your program’s effectiveness.
  • Get a 360 view of each pose using the stylus and Touch Screen, zooming in to see greater detail of a selected pose.
  • Select the “Make it Easy” option to learn a simplified version of a challenging pose.
  • Manage and track your progress through the convenient built-in calendar.
  • Browse through the yoga glossary to better understand the art of yoga.
  • Take a guided journey through yoga philosophy with your personal Master Yogi.
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