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Shaun the Sheep

It's a BAA-RILLIANT adventure!

One morning, the Farmer forgets to lock the fence and heads out of town. While Shaun and Bitzer are playing, the sheep find the fence unlocked and run away. Can Shaun find all the sheep before the Farmer returns?!

• Play as the loveable sheep, Shaun, as he tries to find the rest of the flock before the Farmer comes home

• Gameplay and settings based on actual episodes, recreating the fun and unique silent-movie humor

• Explore the areas based on the series like the field, the barn, the Farmer's house and the circus tent

• Call on Bitzer the dog to help you out when the Naughty Pigs are up to their dirty tricks

• Work with the other found sheep to get around obstacles and access out-of-reach areas

• Includes three game modes: Story Mode, Mini-game Mode and Collection Mode

• Unlockable mini-games and show-related rewards

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