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Unbox: Newbie's Adventure Box Art
  • Unbox: Newbie's Adventure


    Nintendo Switch


90's inspired 3D platformer, fun for all ages and great for group play.


The single player campaign will span 4 worlds (1 Hub World, 3 Playable Worlds) that are filled with challenges, collectibles and hidden secrets. As players progress they will learn more about GPS, the mysterious box called Dag and a great ancient secret. By completing challenges and unlocking stamps (Unbox's version of Stars) player will also be awarded new boxes, hats, accessories and clothes to be used in Single and Local Multiplayer.

UNA Singleplayer elements:

  • Collectibles
  • Challenges
  • Unlockable cosmetics (hats, boxes, clothing, glasses)
  • Boss Battles
  • NPC's with fun dialogue
  • Easter Eggs
  • Diverse locations (tropical islands, snowy mountains, ancient temples)
  • Original and cheery musical composition

Setting & Story

Global Post Service (GPS) is a large postal company, currently on the brink of bankruptcy. Mysteriously they have somehow created living cardboard boxes that can deliver themselves to customers all over the world. They also don't need paying, so GPS hastily fired all its humans before realising they should probably test their newest products to see if they actually work.

The story begins with the latest box, Newbie, arriving at Paradise Isles, the first of 4 Worlds built to push cardboard boxes to the limit. Bounce, the GPS mascot, informs Newbie how to complete each World (collect the challenge stamps by completing challenges) and unlock the next World (collect stamps to unlock the boss battle, defeat that to earn the master stamp).

At this point the villain of Unbox, Boss Wild, appears. Boss Wild is a cardboard box that’s gone rogue, creating a gang of boxes called The Wild Cards that intend to destroy GPS. These enemy boxes play the role of Bowser and the Goombas and will be a constant threat throughout the game.


The Local Multiplayer modes in Unbox are where couch based fun with friends come into play. With Delivery, Arena and customisable Tournaments, there are hours of crazy experiences for players of all ages. There are no online features planned for Unbox at this stage.

The main game modes are Delivery (racing) and Arena (competitive objectives), these can be played individually or as part of a tournament.


While weapons feature in single player they are primarily used in local multiplayer. Each weapon has been designed to utilise the physics aspect of Unbox and to create unique, unexpected scenarios. Weapons are a double edged sword, sometimes using them on a competitor can end up helping them. For example, a player might be falling into the ocean and is shoot with a Balloon firework, this attaches balloons to their box allowing them to float to safety. In another instance that player might be trying to collect Gold Tape and is hit with the balloons, now they are sailing away from the objective.

Game Modes

  • Delivery: A racing game mode, designed specifically for the unique nature of Unbox. 2 or more players begin at a start line and must reach the end of a single lap course, where they will find a box they need to jump into. Along the way there are checkpoints that players can choose to skip, which increases the risk of them respawning further behind if another player successfully attacks them.
  • Arena: Open spaces designed to accommodate several game modes: Boxing, Collect, Oddbox, Thief. Each map provides unique challenges and a variety of backdrops.
  • Tournament: Players can set the rounds, gametypes and levels that will be in the tournament. Each round they vote on a random level, ensuring that each tournament is different from the last.

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Game Details
  • Platform Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date 2017
  • No. of Players up to 4 players
  • Category Action, Platformer
  • PublisherProspect Games
  • DeveloperProspect Games
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