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Play with Birds

System:Wii Release Date: Apr 11, 2011 No. of Players: 1 player Category: Mini Games, Adventure Publisher: Game Factory Wii Points: 500

Comic Mischief

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Game Overview

Collection of cartoon bird mini-games for all players. Fly, find a mate, save small birds, or drop Ooos on townsfolk.

Play with Birds is an original cartoon bird game for players of all ages, offering a unique experience playing a bird. Fly through the city, accomplish dozen of bird minigames, including Birdman, Catch Thief!, Bird race!, and others. Become famous and find a bird to build a nest with!

Play with Birds is focused on adventures of a small bird in a city during his lifetime—starting from hatching from the egg and continuing on to finding a partner to build a nest and establish a family with. Accomplish minigames, become famous in the bird community, build a nest, and create a family!

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