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Fantasy Slots: Adventure Slots and Games

Bet, Play, Win... with Fantasy Slots: Adventure Slots and Games. The complete Slot Playing experience.
Players can bring the exciting “Slots” experience home. Choose from six adventure-themed five reel bonus slots, or try your luck with classic Cherries or Diamonds slots. Win big jackpots and earn access to VIP suites. Players can use winnings to purchase vibrant merchandise to customize their suites. As players progress, they can win multiple awards and achievements.

*Slots: Five reel bonus slots included are Gold Rush, Power of Zeus, Pirate Cove, Wild Safari, King Arthur's Excalibur, and the Rising Sun. Classic three reel slots are Diamonds and Cherries.

Additional features include:

*High Roller Suites: Live like a V.I.P. while customizing your own high roller suite with artwork, pool tables, trophies, furniture and much more.

*Bonus Games: Six great games to challenge your nerves. Play the bonus games separately to increase your winnings.

*Unlockables: Achievement trophies are tracked and awarded for exceptional play.

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