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Ultimate Puzzle Games: Sudoku Edition

Plenty of edge-of-your seat thrills and chills, especially when you're trying to decide if it's a '3' or an '8' that goes in that bottom-left square.

Telegames has created the largest and most comprehensive compilation of sudoku puzzle games ever released for a portable gaming system.

  • A virtually infinite number of puzzles, thanks to an internal algorithm that randomly generates puzzles.
  • Four grid layouts: 9 by 9, 8 by 8, 6 by 6, and 4 by 4.
  • Uses touch screen and stylus.
  • Multiple difficulty selections, including sections for younger players.
  • Choice of 10 background images
  • On-screen instructions
  • Save the puzzle status and other options if you want to finish later
  • PC-style menus for easy configuration and navigation.
  • Sudoku Solver - manually input any puzzle from any other source and solve the puzzle using your DS
  • Wirelessly play all head-to-head modes with either one or two game cards
  • Game Share feature - wirelessly downloadto a friend's DS. They can play independently or head-to-head!
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