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Viking Invasion

Coming from the North, Olaf the Viking’s comical horde is set to make waves on your Nintendo DSi!

They come from the North, and they’re about to invade your Nintendo DSi system! Beware, it’s Olaf the Viking and his motley crew! Even now, their drakkars are sailing up the rivers to attack your castles. And it is up to you to construct fortifications so they do not pillage everything you own! The more you defend yourself, the more ferocious they’ll become. Before you know it they’ll be invoking legions of fantastic creatures straight out of the mythical land of Asgard. Fortunately the experience you gain will help you to build even more powerful defenses. Thwart all your assailant’s ruses and unlock new kinds of buildings: tornado blowing windmills to repel the ships, monoliths that strengthen your fortifications or canons firing studded shells. Discover over ten levels, tons of units, a Campaign mode as well as a Survival mode and three difficulty levels - there’s even a little surprise at the end... Can you rise to the challenge and stop Olaf from taking your treasure home to his sweetheart Olga?

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