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Imagine Party Planner

Plan the most amazing celebrations!

Join an agency that caters to the most prestigious clientele. Meet with famous clients to plan out their specific requests, from a simple wedding cake to a spaceship for a party among the stars. Design décor, invitations, and more through fun mini-games as you expand the agency to be the premiere Party Planner in town!


• Plan the Party – Meet with clients to learn about their dream party and discover their likes and dislikes. Plan millionaire balls, charity galas, weddings, birthday parties, and more!
• Play fun mini-games to design and win decor for the party.
• Select gorgeous gowns, shoes, and accessories for the hostess to wear.
• Design and mail invitations to guests.
• Spotlight on the Party – Enjoy watching each party you have planned through colorful and fun animations.
• Unlock Rewards – Watch the agency grow as your parties are featured in magazines, then spend your earnings on all-new customizable items!

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