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New Zealand Story Revolution

An accurate re-telling of the timeless 1988 original, New Zealand Story Revolution stars Tiki, a plucky Kiwi bird. The gameplay revolves around Tiki rescuing his kidnapped friends from the clutches of a treacherous leopard seal!! The setting for each of the game's levels remains untouched from the original though the environment's layouts have been remixed and re-jigged to provide fresh new challenges. Graphically, the game has undergone an overhaul that updates New Zealand Story's visuals while retaining the clean lines of its arcade ancestor.

• Based on the 1988 classic arcade series Kiwi Kraze. An all-new adventure with Tiki the Kiwi bird.
• Combines the use of both screens for action on the top and a map on the bottom screen
• Touch the differences gameplay between the two screens unveils a door to continue
• Four-player wireless mode, new to the franchise
• Normal and Expert game modes

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