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Wappy Dog

Wappy Dog is the first ever pet simulation game that combines the Nintendo DS with an interactive toy dog.

Raise your very own pet toy in the physical and virtual worlds as you take care of your new dog, teach Wappy cool tricks (including singing and dancing!), play mini-games together and even converse! In Home Mode, communicate with your robotic dog via your Nintendo DS, and watch Wappy react appropriately. The better care you take of Wappy, and the more you play together, the better mood Wappy will be in. In Travel Mode, transfer Wappy to your Nintendo DS to continue the experience in a virtual world. When you get home, progress will transfer back to the physical dog as if you never left!

Every Wappy Dog experience is a personalized one. Give Wappy a different name, customize the dog's physical and virtual appearance, choose unique environments and accessories in-game and see how Wappy's personality evolves as he grows, and based on the care you give.

Wappy Dog. All the fun. Without the shedding

• Communicate with Wappy via your Nintendo DS and watch him react
• Care for Wappy to shape your dog’s moods and personality
• Teach new tricks and play games with and against Wappy
• Take the Nintendo DS experience on the road in Travel mode

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