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Hello Kitty Big City Dreams

Hello Kitty is moving to the Big City!

"The story finds our heroine, Kitty White leaving her home in Sanrio Town to try to make her mark in The Big City. Kitty moves into a simple apartment downtown adjacent to The Big City. Although she lives on the bottom floor now, she dreams of the day she can move up to the luxurious penthouse. Help Hello Kitty explore her new home and finds all sorts of people to make friends with! Perhaps by helping others and working hard, Hello Kitty will finally say Hello to her dream suite in the sky!


* Explore the exciting Big City! Meet new and familiar faces

* Earn Friendship Points by playing 16 Mini-Games!

* Buy New Outfits and Room Themes at the Kiosk in the Shopping District

* Win plush toys for your room

* Get mail at the Mail Box

* Mini-games increase in difficulty as you play each one

* Ride a bus or train across The Big City!"

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