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Let's Ride: Friends Forever

Best friends forever! Every girl needs a best friend, and yours is your horse! Practice hard to perfect your riding and jumping skills as you prepare for the all-important regional jumping competitions. Go for the blue ribbon!

"\*Choose from 15 favorite horse breeds and hundreds of combinations of saddles, manes, tails, bridles and much more!

*Enter your horse in beauty contests—careful, loving grooming can guarantee your horse is a winner!

*Show off your achievements and decorate the stable with your prize cups and certificates.

*Win the trust of your horse by grooming, watering and feeding your new best friend.

*Build your friendship as lead your horse your horse on a relaxing ride through the fields using the Nintendo DS stylus.

*Go for the Gold! Enter your horse into the Jumping Tournament and show ‘em you are the best!

*Reassure your horse is happy by speaking into the Nintendo DS microphone and praise it saying “Well done” and “Good horse”.

*A happy horse is a healthy horse! Bathe your horse blowing into the Nintendo DS microphone to wash away the soap suds.

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