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Sleepover Party

Invite your friends to the coolest sleepover party ever!

Invite your friends to the coolest sleepover party ever with Sleepover Party on Wii! Sleepover Party is the interactive video game that lets you plan and host fun-filled overnight parties with your best friends. With the help of your virtual hostess Aimee, you can plan your party, choose your party theme, build your guest list, create shopping lists, and more. Then have a blast at your very own sleepover party as you play a variety of fun games and activities.


The Essential Sleepover Planning Tool:
• Virtual Hostess – With the help of Aimee, you’ll be able to plan all the details of your party and have fun at the same time.
• Choose a fun theme for your party including: Hollywood, Beach, Birthday, Halloween, Fashion, Winter, and more.
• Create shopping lists for decorations, food, make-up, and more.
• Customize your party schedule with the things that you and your friends want to do
Fun party games on your Wii:
• Fortune Teller: Find the stars in the crystal ball and uncover them to reveal a prediction.
• Copy the Host: Pick up the Wii Remote and mimic Aimee’s dance moves and actions.
• Burst Balloons: Race to inflate and burst balloons before time runs out!
• And More!
Wii Balance Board Games:
• Balance the Tray:
Prevent items from dropping off the tray by putting your weight to the right or the left
• Avoid the Pie:
Avoid the pies Aimee fires at you.
Fun Off-screen Activities:
Aimee guides you and your guests through tons of fun activities including:
• The Hollywood Look: Give each other a glamorous makeover.
• Friendship Bracelets: Discover how to make friendship bracelets in various styles.
• Blind Drawing: Choose a judge who will pick the best drawing among the other, blinded players.
• Beauty Face Masks: Prepare various facemasks based on instructions and ingredients lists provided by Aimee.
• Cookie Decorating: Decorate cookies in various cool patterns with icing pens, cake decorations, and sweets.
• Dance-Off: Players take turns adding new dance moves to create a routine.
• And Much, Much More!

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