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The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Puzzling Pages

A crumbling mansion is home to a most peculiar picture book.

A crumbling mansion is home to a most peculiar picture book. Gather your courage and open the door to this odd, unsettling, and slightly scary tale. Solve innovative puzzles by using the Wii Remote to throw animated paper bears into the picture book's unusual pages. Grab all the red candies found inside with careful placement of your bears and clever manipulation of the unique environments. Delve into the unfolding drama of Pina, the mysterious young girl residing in the mansion. Thirty exciting and challenging stages await you!

Add-on Content Price
(Wii Points)
Baseball Bears 100 6/28/10
Football Bears 100 6/28/10
Hockey Bears 100 7/12/10
Basketball Bears 100 7/12/10
Soccer Bears 100 7/26/10
Golf Bears 100 7/26/10
Rare Story 1 300 6/28/10
Rare Story 2 300 7/5/10
Rare Story 3 300 7/12/10
Rare Story 4 300 7/19/10
Rare Story 5 300 8/2/10

In-game content available for purchase using stored account funds.

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