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Music on: Electric Guitar

A cool electric guitar in your pocket! Distortion, Flanger, Delay, Vibrato, Solo and so many more effects! Try it!
A cool electric guitar in your pocket! Transform your Nintendo DSi system into an incredible electric guitar and your stylus into a pick. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to play your favorite songs, even if music isn't your thing!


* Pedals: Distortion, Flanger & Delay
- Free organization and real sound outcome
- Individually activated
- 3 adjustment parameters
- Real-time sound representation

* Advanced Play Screen
- Great for melodies, arpeggios & chord variations
- "Solo" function, limits the sound to the last string played
- 1 octave transposition function
- 7 transposition of a note for each string
- Vibrato

* 32 definable chords on the Control Pad

And also:

* +950 chords
* 32 different kind of chords with up to 6 variations
* Graphic & sound representation of the chords
* Intensity detection while strumming
* Chord Lock
* Palm Mute
* Realistic playing sound effects
* Save up to 10 sessions (chords & pedals)

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