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The Cheetah Girls: Passport to Stardom

Fresh off their movie debut, the Cheetah Girls are off to another wodl musical adventure - this time to meet their international fans. Join Aqua, Chanel and Dorinda as they sing, dance and accessorize their way through India, Spain and New York City!

  • Play as Aqua, Chanel and Dorinda as they dazzle fans worldwide with their music and dance choreography
  • Explore 9 different locations as you perform in three international cities - New York City, Barcelona and Mumbai!
  • Use your Nintendo DSTM stylus to compete in a series of dance-offs to 10 Cheetah Girls hit-songs
  • Includes new music from The Cheetah Girls One World Disney Channel original movie!
  • Includes DGamer - The new online community exclusively for Disney gamers
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