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Bomberman Land Touch!

Packed with explosive excitement!

In the Story Mode, explore Bomber Island while solving unique puzzles, chatting with rival characters, and engaging in 36 different one-to-four-player "attractions" with action, racing, sports and other themes. In Attraction Mode, enjoy any of the attractions you’ve unlocked in the Story Mode.

In the Battle Mode, play classic multiplayer Bomberman with two to eight players via wireless single-card or multi-card play, or two to four players via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

As of May 20, 2014, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for Nintendo DSi and Wii systems has been retired. Online features of this game are no longer available after this date but this game still provides an entertaining experience in offline mode.

To learn more about this service change, please visit To learn more about this service change, please visit

  • Touch screen controls
  • Colorful cast of characters
  • Up to 8-player wireless single-card play
  • A 15-hour Story Mode, 36 stages in the Attraction Mode and 20 stages in the Battle Mode
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