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Myth Makers: Super Kart GP

Join the Myth Makers in Super Kart GP.

Join the Myth Makers in Super Kart GP. Choose from 8 characters and take up the Super Kart challenge as you race at high speeds through the enchanting lands of the Myth Realm.

  • Race against unique characters, or challenge your friends to leagues, cups or time trials.
  • Play a solo challenge to defeat the evil Mumbra.
  • Explore alternative routes to discover super power-ups, speed boosts, exploding crates and bouncing Easter eggs!
  • Amazing locations and non-stop, full throttle 'Karting' will make this a game you won't put down.
  • Unlock new levels, extra characters and faster karts!
  • Discover shortcuts, hidden paths and secret tunnels.
  • Explore the enchanting levels in both day and night!
  • Special abilities, unique powers and incredible special effects.
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