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Petz Pony Beauty Pageant

Take care of pretty ponies!

Take care of pretty ponies, make them beautiful and enter them in beauty pageants to lead the Grand Pony Parade.

Play as an experienced pony trainer as you run a Pony Club

Run a Pony Club and build friendships with other trainers

Experience fun adventures together

Take care of and train your ponies

Feed, wash and brush them.

Train them in dressage and jumping through mini-games.

Customize your ponies and make them beautiful , then enter them in beauty pageants

Choose the color, pattern and design of their hair, saddles, and hoofs.

After progressing through several levels, enter your Ponies in beauty pageants to lead the Grand Pony Parade.

Collect stickers and exchange with friends

Go on beautiful walks and meet lots of animals.

Get stickers for each animal, then collect them and exchange with friends via wireless gameplay.

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