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Petz Bunnyz

Your hoppy, floppy ticket to new kinds of fun and adventure!

Your hoppy, floppy ticket to new kinds of fun and adventure!

Choose a hoppy, floppy, furry friend in Petz Bunnyz! These long-eared fuzzballs are your ticket to new kinds of fun and adventure.

Play with and train your bunny friends for hours of fun. You can customize your bunny’s environment with toys and other special items, and you’ll be rewarded with more goodies the better you get at caring for and training your cuddly pet.

Play mini-games, teach your bunny greetings and phrases with the DS touchpad, and trade bunnies and items with other DS players using Nintendo wireless. Available for Nintendo DS.


• Pick the perfect bunny buddy and choose from five bunny breeds, including the American Fuzzy Lop and English Angora.

• Customize your bunny’s environment and unlock decorating items such as toys, wallpaper and flowers.

• Your bunny likes to be brushed and cleaned -- and that includes his cage.

• Feed your bunny her favorite foods and she will love you for it.


• Teach your bunny to recognize greetings and phrases using the DS touchpad.

• Care for, pet and play with your bunnies regularly to keep them happy, unlock new items and more.

• Send your bunny to your friend’s room via Nintendo wireless play and challenge your friends to awesome mini-games.

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