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Imagine Reporter

Uncover the latest news scoops as a journalist!

Build your career from a local newspaper reporter all the way to hosting your very own national TV show! Develop exciting news stories, track information in the field, and take photos. Interview movie stars, athletes and more, then report breaking news stories to your audience!


Find the Stories
• Interview movie stars, politicians, athletes, and more.
• Explore the city searching for news stories on the ground and in the air as you travel by bicycle, car and helicopter
• Get behind-the-scenes scoops with your own press pass
Report the News
• Take photos and video to support your story
• Design magazine covers to highlight the most exciting news
• Start as a columnist for a local newspaper and work your way up the ranks to hosting your own TV show!
• Nintendo DSi Functionality: Use the Nintendo DSi Camera to capture photos of celebs as though they were right next to you!

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