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Space Camp

You are going to Space Camp!

Welcome to Space Camp, where you'll receive the training and tools to become an astronaut. Experience weightlessness in a training pool and develop your navigation skills in the training simulator. You'll need your newly acquired skills, because during a training session, you get rocketed to the moon! With your faithful robot sidekick ARP, you need to maneuver through a daring lunar journey, work on the half-completed Moon Base, scour the lunar surface for elements and secrets, and refuel your ship for the ride home. Get yourself back to a hero's welcome!
Space Camp is the perfect game for kids of all ages, filled with fun Wii specific missions and a cool environment to explore, all wrapped up in an enjoyable character-based adventure. Play with up to four players as you compete in "party mode," a robust mini-game tournament. And with fun space facts supplied by Space Camp®, you'll be learning as you play!

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