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Disney The Princess and the Frog

Play with Family, Compete with Friends!

For the first time players can experience Tiana’s exciting world set in the jazz-infused era of 1920’s New Orleans with the official video game inspired by the upcoming Disney release of The Princess and the Frog. Celebrate favorite moments from the movie and take on new challenges with Tiana, as she pursues a fun adventure. Meet characters from the film and new friends, triumph over enemies, play frog games in the bayou, create music, cook New Orleans style and so much more. Along the way, discover what it takes to make Tiana’s dreams come true!


• 25+ Mini-games for 1-4 Players
• Dress up and mix and match outfits with Tiana
• Cook Tiana’s recipes in her kitchen
• Move, jump and swing to music & dance games
• Collect Mardi Gras beads to trade for new dresses, ingredients, and recipes
• Explore 5 beautiful locations including the French Quarter in New Orleans and the Bayou
• Enjoy exclusive "The Making of a Classic" featurette about the film.
• Bonus poster included with game
• Unlock special items when you play the Wii and DS games together
• Play in English, Spanish, or French

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