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Corvette Evolution GT

Race some of the most beautiful cars ever made!

Take your turn on the world racing stage as you speed your way around Europe in a high performance race featuring cars from manufacturers like GM, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz.

To be the best, you'll have to master twelve super-charged cars on eight challenging tracks. Whether you're drifting corners in Berlin, or tearing through the Italian countryside, the competition is fierce.

Once you've taken on the racing world, take on your friends. With support for up to four players and four AI opponents, Corvette Evolution GT lets you take fast-paced action anywhere you go!


• 12 cars from the hottest manufacturers
• 8 diverse tracks set throughout Europe
• Up to four players plus four AI opponents in wireless Multi-Card or Single-Card play
• Four-stage career mode, Quick Race mode, and Time Trial mode
• Fastest lap records and multi-player statistics help track your skill as a racer


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