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Trauma Center: Under the Knife Box Art

Take your Nintendo DS into the operating room!

You play doctor in the high-pressure job of surgeon. The stylus is your scalpel, but it's your quick thinking that will save lives.


• Feel the pressure of each tense, challenging operation

• Operate on a wide variety of patients in story mode, then return later and try to beat your high scores
• Experience a compelling story with intriguing characters
• Use your applied skills to solve the puzzle of each surgery
• Detailed graphics bring the human body to life

At first it's just another day in the O.R., but when a mysterious outbreak sweeps the area, the patients' lives are in your hands -- no pressure. Keep a cool head, or you’ll be out on the street.

In the year 2018, mankind has overcome a number of diseases once thought incurable. However, a new plague, called GUILT (Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin), has emerged to threaten humanity. Very little is known about this new disease, but rumor has it that GUILT might be the first biological weapon used for "medical terrorism."

You play as Derek Stiles, a doctor who has just completed his residency and joined the surgical team at Hope Hospital, where routine cases are about to become something far more serious. The touch screen is your canvas, and you'll use a variety of medical tools and techniques to make incisions, heal wounds and remove tumors. Because of the urgency of most procedures, you're on the clock. Perform the procedure before time runs out or your patient is doomed.

On either side of the touch screen are icons of various surgical instruments. To switch instruments, simply tap an icon. A nurse appears on the top screen to keep you informed of the patient's vital signs and give you advice and encouragement.

Trauma Center: Under the Knife is a little more forgiving than real-life operations. Although precision is good, you aren't often penalized for a less-than-accurate cut. In fact, the game allows you to make a limited number of misses. It will affect your score in the long run, but a miss won't stop you from saving a patient's life. Running out of time will, though.

After you complete an operation, you can perform the operation again in the Challenge mode to try to get a better score and perform the perfect operation.

Bottom Line
Go ahead, play virtual doctor! A compelling story and characters add a deeply human touch to this unusual sim. Plus, the game makes great use of the DS stylus and touch screen.

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Game Details
  • System Nintendo DS
  • Release Date Oct 04, 2005
  • No. of Players 1 player
  • Category Simulation
  • PublisherAtlus
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