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Deer Drive Legends

System:Wii Release Date: Nov 27, 2012 No. of Players: 2 players alternating Category: First Person, Action Publisher: Maximum Games Wii Points: 500


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Game Overview

Get your firearms locked and loaded. You’re going to the far corners of the earth to hunt some of the wildest animals rarely seen by the human eye.

Choose from diverse weapons like sniper rifles, crossbows, and high-powered shotguns to capture your greatest trophy ever. Featuring more than 30 elusive animals including woolly rhinos, white-tailed deer, wolves and Irish elk, Deer Drive Legends for Wii puts you up close and personal with some of the deadliest creatures in the world. Go against the feared T-Rex, saber-toothed cats, and more in vicious boss battles. But watch out…these animals are eager to turn you into dinner!


• Use the most advanced hunting weapons and techniques
• Features more than 30 animals
• Embark on action-packed hunts all across the globe
• Engage in vicious boss battles against the feared T-Rex

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