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Littlest Pet Shop Biggest Stars - Pink Team

Littlest Pet Shop Biggest Stars - Pink Team
System:Nintendo DS Release Date: October 2010 No. of Players: 2 players simultaneous Category: Kid's Pet Simulation Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc Developer: EA Salt Lake

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Game Overview

Your LITTLEST PET SHOP pets’ dreams will come true when you help them dance, prance, skate, and bounce all the way to the Biggest Stars Championship!
Get ready to go for the gold! It’s time to hit the arena for the LITTLEST PET SHOP Biggest Stars competition—and this time your pets are in the spotlight! Ten fun and challenging mini games are your pets’ tickets to the big time. Practice makes perfect as you help your pets become the best gymnasts, models, ice skaters, dancers, flyers, fashion designers, and more. Then pack up their cute team uniforms and the dozens of super-fun accessories you’ve customized because it’s time to hit the road! The Biggest Stars competition is the event of year, when the pet-triplet judges look for teams that are a triple threat; cute, peppy and totally talented! Good thing that with your help, all your LITTLEST PET SHOP pet’s Biggest Stars dreams really can come true!


• All-new in-depth story and customizable pets
• New mini-games and goals—each mini game is fully rendered and features a pet
• 3 different sets of unique pets, colors, and team-themed accessories: Team Pink, Team Blue, Team Purple
• More pet animations and interactions show off your pets’ personalities
• Even the youngest LPS fans will love Arcade Mode, a text-lite mode where the focus is on playing with pets—and friends via DS wireless multiplayer mode!
• The story continues in LITTLEST PET SHOP Online

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