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Imagine: Master Chef

Master Chef lets you be the master of your culinary destiny, where anything edible is possible (mmm... this could be interesting)! You choose to create the apps, entrees, and sides you wish (don't forget dessert) while advancing play levels to test your techniques and kitchen know-how with mini-games like cooking quizzes and plate-moving contests. Bon appetit!

  • Is ice cream really from Italy and are tomatoes a vegetable or a fruit? Here's the skinny on a few fave foods. Dish on these delicious bite-sized bits of food knowledge!
  • So let's say your mom wants you to help with Thanksgiving this year, or a friend invites you to attend her family's festivities. That's great, but what should you make?
  • Kitchen Toolz 101: This weird, wiry looking gizmo is the ideal tool to beat your scrambled eggs to fluffy perfection on a lazy Saturday morning.
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