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Mahjongg Mysteries: Ancient Egypt

No place on Earth holds as many mysteries as Egypt! Help adventurers

Michelle Mosley and David Deanfield in their search for the lost temple.

Follow clues from the blistering desert sands to the fertile banks of the

Nile, finally reaching the mighty pyramids! Only by correctly combining the

hieroglyphics will you complete all 300 mahjongg levels. Go for a journey in Adventure Mode, take on your favorite board in Classic Mode, or try one of 11 interesting variations! Welcome to Ancient Egypt!


• Solve the Mystery!: Clear puzzles as your travel from location to exotic location, staying one step ahead of your rivals trying to beat you to the lost temple! See the Sphinx, Great Pyramids, and more!
• Classic Play: With over 300 puzzles in classic mode, the fun doesn’t end once you’ve found the treasure! Choose a tile layout and jump into a classic mahjong game.
• Exciting New Modes: Play 11 new and exciting version of mahjongg, including Countdown, Point Race, and FreeCell.

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