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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Enter a cold, mystical world and lose your innocence in an epic struggle.

It's the destiny of four siblings from our world to work together and use their unique skills to defeat the evil forces of the White Witch and save Narnia.


  • Live the epic adventure while playing in a team-based adventure
  • Utilize the unique combat skills, weaponry and special moves of each character to fight and fend off hordes of dark mythical beasts or solve intricate puzzles
  • Deft blend of action/adventure and RPG elements

Gamers are thrust into a mysterious frozen world where they will play as four heroes -- Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy Pevensie -- to free Narnia from a cold, bleak eternity under the control of the evil White Witch.

Playing as each of the four Pevensie heroes, gamers will battle the White Witch's sinister minions in team-based, action-packed combat. Taking on a variety of creatures, including Minoboars, Cyclopes, Werewolves and Ankleslicers, gamers must utilize each hero's unique combat skills, weaponry and special moves to help restore Narnia to its lost grandeur.

This epic boasts 60 maps and mostly uses the touch screen to manage inventory, converse with allied creatures, cast spells and control one of four characters in real-time combat.

How much combat? Seems like the story sometimes gets lost in the game's many side quests, character-building exercises and battles. We're talking tons of battles, and that's not a bad thing.

The touch screen aids your quest by giving you a map and a place to perform combos in battle. A wireless multiplayer mode allows up to four people to play simultaneousl. You'll definitely need backup on some of the quests when you're trying to level up.

Bottom Line

Far from a run-of-the-mill movie tie-in, this epic will have you saving Narnia for hours on end.

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