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Mega Man ZX

Leap into the future with Mega Man ZX

A dynamic Biometal system plays the central role giving the ability to transform into different Model types. Utilizing new Models presents a variety of gameplay experiences, allowing players access to different power and the ability to expand the game field, opening new and hidden areas to explore.


• Brand new Mega Man Action Series - Introducing New Characters, Transforming Powers, Expanding Maps, and More!
• Two Playable Characters - Play as either a Male or Female Character, Each with Different Physical Attributes and Scenes that Impact the Game.
• Radical Transformations - Utilizing Different Physical Forms and Biometal, Players Acquire Formidable Abilities and Attacks.
• Expanding Environment - Unlock Additional Areas of the Map by Using Different Model X Powers.
• Overdrive Invoke System - Utilizing the Biometal Gauge, Power Up for a Limited Time to Unleash Devastating Attacks.
• Missions and Quests - Progress Through the Story by Completing Main Missions while Optional Quests Scattered Throughout the Map offer Valuable Information and items.

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