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Puzzler Collection

Puzzling Fun for Everyone!

We're putting a whole new twist on your favorite puzzle games! Experience the classic Crossword, Sudoku, Word Search, and Fitword puzzles you love with all-new, interactive video game play. With over 2,000 puzzles and three difficulty levels. Puzzler will wrack your brain as you try to solve them all! Take your games on-the-go with the Nintendo DS.


• Thousands of puzzles including Crosswords, Sudoku, Fitword and Wordsearch.
• Something for everyone in the family; choose from Fast and Fun, Simply Puzzle, Head-To-Head, Quick Blast and Tournament modes.
• Flexible and fun - difficulty levels all the way from Beginner through to Pro.
• Wherever you are, however long you've got...There's something for everyone!

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