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Ghost Mania

Ghost Mania is a fun, colorful arcade puzzle game for players of all ages! Catch all ghosts before it's too late!
Ghost Mania is an original puzzle game for players of all ages that offers a new twist on the falling block genre. Build and expand color stacks of ghosts and blocks in any direction and in any number! The game features multiple single and two-player modes, including a relaxed and thoughtful puzzle mode, an arcade mode, and a variety of two player modes such as the Battle and Enduro modes.

The game centers on the misadventures of Becky and Tim, a pair of ghost guardians who've just lost their jobs. Having fallen asleep on active duty, they accidentally let all ghosts escape from the Spirit World! Help Becky and Tim get their jobs back so they can return to the Spirit World. Catch the runaway ghosts before it's too late!

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