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Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

The Battle Gets Bigger!

For the first time ever, Star Wars Battlefront is coming to the Nintendo DS with Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron.
Experience an expanded battlefront that spans multiple layers of action – start the fight on foot, then dogfight in space and even battle aboard massive capital starships
Take the lead role in an engrossing, never-before-told storyline that puts you in the middle of the action of the most memorable battles spanning the entire Star Wars Saga and beyond Massive amounts of pick-up-and-play action provide seemingly limitless replayability:

• Class-based gameplay lets you take advantage of four unique character classes (assault, spy, engineer and heavy), each with their own specialized weapons and abilities to overcome obstacles and complete mission objectives
• Battle your friends on any layer of the battle and in any order you want with intense four-player skirmishes via local wireless connection
• Let loose your inner Jedi or Sith in the special “Heroes and Villains” mode where you can play popular characters like Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kit Fisto, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, and Boba Fett, plus new characters from the Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video games
• Battle on some of the most iconic Star Wars planets and locations from the feature films, 11 in total all with multi-layered battlefronts, including Tatooine, Hoth and Endor, plus unique locations for the Nintendo DS including Desolation Station, the Imperial factory housing the tributary beam for the first Death Star
• Commandeer trademark Star Wars vehicles and spacecraft from the Galactic Empire’s trademark TIE fighters to the Rebel Alliance’s X-wings, as well as ground vehicles like speeder bikes, the AAT assault tank and many more! • Plus, replay each mode of battle with unlockable new classes, Force powers and even the ability to use a lightsaber!

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