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Chicken Shoot

The objective of the game is fairly straightforward: shoot as many chickens as possible! There are 4 different kinds of weapons with different firing ranges that are at the player's disposal: standard handguns, shotguns, and machine guns to name a few. Other guns can be obtained by shooting the chickens that carry them across the screen. Climb behind the trigger and help our distressed farmer friend obliterate hordes of no good c1uckers! Great comic sound effects, and catchy original songs to fashion a world where hunting fowl is a blast! Brilliant animation takes you through forests and villages, through deserts and mountains, winging winged adversaries and piling up points.

• Blast the chickens in fabulous landscapes, with 3 difficulty levels
• Shoot it up in Arcade mode or fight against the clock in Classic mode
• Enjoy poultry plucking in a network or on the Internet
• Stalk them alone and achieve the ultimate high score to secure first place on the international online scoreboard
• Punctuated with loads of original sound effects and underscored with idyllic music

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