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O.M.G. 26 - Our Mini Games

O.M.G! Solve the mysteries of the spooky mansion and discover the treasures within! With a variety of mini-games that will test all of your senses and skills, you and your brave band of friends will overcome many obstacles and try to escape unscathed!

This spook-tackular title is filled with fun and challenging mini-games that revolve around a haunted mansion theme. For a bit of fun and fright, this title is definitely the ticket for excitement! With over 25 mini-games that will have you fend off flying dishes, search for keys, escape from ginormous boulders and more, this title is perfect for on the go fun!


• Nintendo DS Touch Screen – Utilize the features of the DS to add a new element of fun to the game as you use the stylus to uncover the cools of the haunted mansion and the variety of mini-games within!
• Variety of Games – With over 25 over-the-top mini-games that test various abilities, ranging from hand eye coordination, math, reflexes, etc, you have a variety of different games to occupy your time for minutes or hours! This is perfect for those busy gamers who cant always make time to play lengthy titles.
• Multiple Modes – With a story mode and mini-game mode, players can choose to learn about the OMG storyline or get into the mini-game mode to replay some of their favorite games, which they have unlocked. With several modes of difficulty, this title will please the casual and hardcore gamer alike, providing hours of enjoyment!

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