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EA Playground

Enjoy recess all night long!

EA Playground offers endless hours of entertainment for all ages. It is the ultimate party play experience, where bragging rights are at stake as you take on your friends and family in fun and immersive playground games.

There's also a deep single-player campaign that has you in pursuit of the coveted Playground King title. Here, you explore the bright, brilliant world, unlock new locations and challenge colorful in-game characters in a variety of activities.

By fully capitalizing on the unique control mechanics of the Wii, EA Playground features games that are easy to pick up and play. Every game brings its own twist to the controls for the definitive, all-ages, gaming experience.

EA Playground Games

  • Dodgeball - Take on your opponents in an attempt to knock them out of the game in this fast paced multi round experience. Up to four players can dodge, catch and throw lighting fast balls just like in real life.
  • Paper Racers - Throw and navigate your paper airplane through challenging playground courses, collecting power ups and other bonuses along the way in a race to the finish line.
  • Kicks - Take on your opponents in this fresh new experience where Soccer meets volleyball and goals are the result of spectacular aerial kicks!
  • Dart Shootout - Test your accuracy skills in this exciting game that has your shooting and ducking your way through the playground to the final boss battle.
  • Wall Ball - Enjoy this fast-paced game in which the ball speeds up with each powerful shot. Strategically choose where you want to hit the ball and watch it rapidly ricochet by your opponent!
  • Slot Car Racing - Take on up to three opponents in this speedy experience that has you flying through ramps, landing mega jumps and even getting a chance to zap your opponents off-course!
  • Tetherball - Wind up the tension in this head-to-head experience! Try to wrap the tetherball around the pole before your opponent does.
  • Freethrows - While exploring the playground world, take time to shoot around and earn marbles.
  • Bug Hunt - During your world exploration, if you see a bug, take out your net and give chase. Successful swat and catch the bug to earn rewards.
  • Dribbling – Pick up a basketball and bounce it in rhythm for a defined number of times before the clock runs out on you! If you’re successful you'll earn yourself more marbles.


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