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Tengami is an atmospheric point & touch adventure game inside a Japanese pop-up book.

It is a relaxing and meditative game in which players gently explore a beautiful paper world at their own pace.

As players explore the world they come across puzzles and obstacles that are solved by flipping, folding, sliding and pulling parts of the pop-up book in the same way as you would interact with a physical pop-up book.

Key Facts

First game set inside an authentic pop-up book that uses the folding of pop-ups as its core game mechanic.

  • All scenes in the game are constructed like an authentic pop-up book.
  • All scenes in the game can be replicated in real life by just using paper, scissor and glue.
  • Tengami uses a custom engine for its entirely folding world.

Striking art style, inspired by traditional Japanese arts & crafts. All in game textures are real 'Washi' (Japanese specialty paper).

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