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Conduct the Ontama, island sound spirits, and free them from a demon's control.

On a peaceful tropical island, Ontamarama roam free. These gentle sound spirits, when properly conducted, offer the people of the land a beautiful and enchanting symphony. Wishing to rob the inhabitants of this joy, and evil demon begins to control the natives into capturing the Ontama. Two aspiring Ontamaestros, Beat and Rest, discover the plot and decide to foil the evil demon's scheme by challenging the villagers under the demon's control in order to release the trapped Ontama!

  • Fast-paced musical gameplay

  • Challenges the players reflex, timing and concentration

  • 12 stages to play including a tutorial

  • Story mode with three difficulty settings to tailor to the players skill level

  • Freeplay and Challenge modes offer excellent replayability
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