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Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball

Whose side are you on?

Pit scurvy against stealth and cutlass against katana in the ultimate playground sport of dodgeball. Perform powerful special moves and melee attacks to eliminate your opponents. Choose your team and take them through a unique story mode or team up with or against your friends in dodgeball mayhem!

• Battle across 8 visually breathtaking arenas that allow for teams to roam freely instead of being restricted to sides of a court

• Art style, theme, and gameplay suited for all age groups

• Full single player story mode that offer over 10 hours of intense single player game play

• 2 vs. 2 battle multiplayer

• 7 teams to choose from (Pirates, Ninjas, Zombies, Robots, Aliens, Monsters and Mushroom Men)

• Use an array of special moves, unique to each character: summon parrots, throw ninja stars, etc.

• Developed using Infyrno, Blazing Lizard's next-gen proprietary game engine

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