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GO Series: Undead Storm

The explosive action is non-stop as you take the fight to the zombie hordes.

Six months after a mysterious meteorite strike, the undead have awoken and are taking over the city. You’ll face wave after wave of killer zombies with only some serious firepower to protect you. Play solo, or team up with your friends via a local wireless connection, and take the fight to the shuffling hordes.

Solo zombie slayers can find other survivors to join them as allies. In Multi Play Mode, you can cooperate with up to three friends via a local wireless connection. They'll have your back in the firefight against the undead, and can revive you if your health flatlines. Choose from four player characters and face down the zombie threat in a horrific hospital, a hazardous chemical plant and the decimated downtown area. What lies behind this zombie epidemic? Only you can discover the truth...


• Explosive, non-stop, zombie slaying action
• Hordes of zombies and giant bosses to take down
• Protect yourself with shotguns, flame throwers, grenades
• Intense 2-4 player action via DS Wireless Communications

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