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Spirit Hunters Inc: Light

Hunt, battle and capture spirits in the real world, gaining experience to become a Professional Spirit Hunter.

Spirit Hunters Inc are overwhelmed!! They need YOU to join their ranks and become a Professional Spirit Hunter!

Using Augmented Reality, scan anywhere in the world to hunt, battle and capture as many of the unique spirits as possible.

With 96 Spirits, 16 Spirit families and 90+ abilities (each aligned to one of the 6 elements) there are plenty of opportunities to customize your experience as you increase your levels and ranks within Spirit Hunters Inc!

Watch out as there are rare Silver and Gold spirits to be found too. They are even harder to battle than their normal counterparts so you’d better build up your skills!

Spirit Hunters Inc: Light has 6 spirits which can only be obtained in this version. Use the Challenge system to exchange codes with your friends to unlock them all.


* Utilize AR to scan, battle and capture spirits all over the world
* 96 Spirits, 90+ Abilities and Items, 100 levels and 10 ranks
*100s of hours of gameplay
* Unique challenge code system to swap battles with your friends

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