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Three adventurers are out to nix Narissa.

Based on the holiday 2007 film from Disney, Enchanted takes you on an epic adventure through two very different places: the magical animated kingdom of Andalasia and modern-day New York City

As Giselle, Prince Edward, and Pip the chipmunk, you'll embark on quests and activities inspired by the film and beyond, with characters employing their own magical skills and talents to get out of trouble as they try to defeat the evil Queen Narissa. As Giselle, you'll summon animals and sing to thwart the Queen; while playing Edward, you'll ride a horse and use a your trusty sword to battle enemies and evil boss characters; and as Pip, you'll race against the clock to collect hidden items.

  • Enchanted is the only video game that lets players live the adventures of Giselle, Prince Edward, and Pip
  • Create custom dresses for trading wirelessly with other DS players
  • As Giselle, learn new songs and gain powers by tracing enchanted symbols with the stylus
  • As Pip, find hidden items and race to beat the clock in challenging minigames
  • As Edward, ride a horse and use the stylus to activate the combat system against enemies and bosses
  • Play in English or Spanish
  • Collect a special strategy poster included with the game


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