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Mysterious Stars: The Samurai

“Mysterious Stars” is the name of the fantastic ability that is lend to you by the God of the Stars.

Entrusted with the God of the Stars' will, the ability to connect the stars is now yours.

The God of the Stars is known to help people when they are in need, but he is getting old and would be pleased if you could help him a little.

In order to deliver items that will be useful for the people down there, complete the drawing by connecting the stars.

Based on the game that everyone played at least one time in their life, Connect the Dots or also called Dot-to-Dot.

The God of the Stars just located a Samurai who could be in need of assistance.

This wandering Samurai is not working since he doesn't belong to a Master anymore.

No Katana to be useful as a Samurai, he traded all his belongings in exchange for some money so he could sleep under a roof...

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