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Snowboard Riot

System:Wii Release Date: Feb 2, 2009 No. of Players: up to 4 players Category: Snowboard Racing, Battle Publisher: HUDSON SOFT Wii Points: 1,000

Mild Fantasy Violence

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Game Overview

It's snowboarding plus weapons. Enough said.

This snowboard racing and battle game can be enjoyed by multiple players and is compatible with the Wii Balance Board. In an intense scramble for first place, guide your character down the slopes while snatching up items to attack and defend against rivals on the way! Up to four players can battle and participate in various ranking modes via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection!

As of May 20, 2014, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for Nintendo DSi and Wii systems has been retired. Online features of this game are no longer available after this date but this game still provides an entertaining experience in offline mode.

To learn more about this service change, please visit

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