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Deep Labyrinth

A boy and his dog, embarking on the greatest adventure of their lives.

One summer afternoon, Shawn goes for a drive with his quarreling parents and his beloved dog, Ace...but the trip quickly turns sour when the family car suffers a flat tire in front of a seemingly abandoned mansion. Ace is clearly upset by something inside the mansion, and leaps out of the car to investigate. Shawn's parents follow Ace, but don't return. As Shawn tentatively approaches the dilapidated structure, the entrance door swings open, and he's drawn into a magical vortex. Now, with Ace at his side, Shawn must embark on the greatest adventure of his life...into the heart of the Deep Labyrinth.

  • Descend into the dark heart of the Labyrinth in this 3D first-person RPG
  • Explore a world populated by magical creatures and monstrous foes
  • Use dual screens and touch screen to explore dozens of dungeon levels
  • Fight hordes of hideous monsters in real-time with swords and spells
  • 2 engrossing scenarios weave 2 amazing stories  
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